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This month, we are all about celebrating the single life. When it comes to the subject of being single, vast amounts of us recognise that our societies, particularly Western ones, typically view a lack of relationship in negative ways – let alone celebrating the potential being single can harbour. However, this month we will not only discuss this subject but we are going to embrace it, expressing how we can learn to be proud and content in leading life without a partner.  So, when God does provide us with our future partners, we will have the ability to learn and express love within our newfound relationships with maturity and appreciation. With this overall attitude in place as a framework, introspective insights will begin to occur that will allow us to truly celebrate every stage of our lives – especially the segments whilst we are single. Remember, the Bible has salient words to say on appreciation and patience:
“There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens” Ecclesiastes 3:3

What is it exactly that we should learn, appreciate and celebrate about being single?
Most of us should really look at ourselves and start asking pertinent questions such as, how do I grow from this? How can I enjoy this part of my life? Can I be productive in unique ways whilst being single? When we truly begin to embrace and have fun with our lives whilst single, these four things will start to take place.

1. Self-reflection

Once you start to treasure this freedom with earnest, you will realise that taking time and effort for yourself will unveil what is important to you. You will start to see what you want from life with greater clarity, in turn, revealing what areas in your life you should build upon. For most Christians this is a great opportunity to spend more time in prayer with God and His Word. Ultimately, through this, it will enable you to gain an understanding on how He wants to guide you in your life, including in your love life.

2. New interests/hobbies

When enjoying your time being single, you will naturally have more time to consider and pursue new hobbies and interests. Why not travel the world perhaps? Or aim to start a successful business venture? Instead of endlessly repeating the same dating structure, you can instead freely explore activities that ignite your passion in life.

3. Family and friends

You will learn to enjoy your freedom as a single person; this could very well include reconnecting with family members and friends – Particularly those whom you may have neglected whilst in a long term relationship. You now have the chance to rekindle old bonds that may have faded.

4. Goals and expectations

Above all, this experience will allow you to go on the path of having a better idea about yourself as a person. Enabling you to understand what relationships will truly work for you and not settling for anything other than what’s best for your life. You will be better suited in discovering your ideal match. Your time immersing yourself in being single fosters experimentation, leading to greater observations on what works for you and what doesn’t. This is the basis on forming a healthy and well balanced relationship in the future.

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Love at First Sight: Does It Really Exist?

A huge hello to all our members and those visiting! Welcome to the Portia Roberts blog section.

Each month we will discuss different topics on all things love, dating, sex and relationships. The topics that will be addressed are relevant to each and every one of us in some way. These will be themes that are not only ubiquitous in our society, but around the world too.

This month at Portia Roberts we will be examining the concept of ‘Love At First Sight’: Does it really exist? Is it actually possible to harbour such intense feelings towards someone within mere moments? Or is it just a fantasy propagated by fiction? When it comes to the topic of ‘Love At First Sight’ one may think of it as a storytelling trope – one that is found commonly through various Hollywood-produced films, books and music. However, does this experience even exist within our reality?

Anecdotally, from my own personal endeavours, I have not experienced it. I believe I, and others, have routinely experienced ‘Lust At First Sight’ on the other hand.  This is where you’re immediately attracted to a person physically – which could very well lead to dating, and ultimately, love and a relationship.

Perhaps many confuse instantaneous lust with love.  In the past, I have had relationships whereby I wasn’t initially attracted on a physical level; the aforementioned ‘Lust At First Sight’ was not present, However, once I began to build a friendship with this person, the physical attraction blossomed later, which eventually led to love  and a relationship.

In conclusion, when it comes to observing and discussing the idea of ‘Love At First Sight’, especially with a more inclusive view of individual experiences – there is no black and white answer that would apply.  Regardless of whether or not you believe in it or have not had it happen to you – what truly matters is experiencing and finding love within our lives.

Thank you for reading our blog, until next time!

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Portia Roberts Christian Dating Launch Is Finally Here!!

After 8 years precisely of having this vision of starting a private, exclusive high calibre professional Christian dating agency, we are finally launching and to God be the glory!

Here at Portia Roberts our main aim, goal is to reach out and work together with professional Christian singles, and professional Christian couples who are in relationships.  We aim to help and support professional Christian singles to find long lasting relationships, help and support professional Christian couples in relationships/married when they need it! We are very much excited about working together.

Christian Matchmaking in London

Being a single, professional Christian can make finding someone like-minded and special challenging in these busy times, so we are committed to providing a bespoke matchmaking service in order for you to find your dream match. We’re much more than just a Christian online dating service – all consultations are bespoke and our service walks your through the initial first dates to how to lead a successful relationship when you’ve found your partner.

Couples Counselling in London

Life can be full of ups and downs, and our goal is to ensure families have the tools they need to keep on track. Being a Christian faith organisation we believe families should remain together, and no matter how strong the friction may seem our marriage counselling service in London will give you a safe space to communicate and guidance on how to get the most from your relationship.

We will be both blogging and vlogging on all topics on Love, Dating, Relationships: Singleton, Marriage, Sex and many more you name it, we will be discussing it here!

Whist we will be blogging and vlogging, we will also be introducing Portia Roberts magazine that will be coming out on a monthly basis, which will also cover the same topics as the blogging and vlogging topic sections.

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