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This month, we are all about celebrating the single life. When it comes to the subject of being single, vast amounts of us recognise that our societies, particularly Western ones, typically view a lack of relationship in negative ways – let alone celebrating the potential being single can harbour. However, this month we will not only discuss this subject but we are going to embrace it, expressing how we can learn to be proud and content in leading life without a partner.  So, when God does provide us with our future partners, we will have the ability to learn and express love within our newfound relationships with maturity and appreciation. With this overall attitude in place as a framework, introspective insights will begin to occur that will allow us to truly celebrate every stage of our lives – especially the segments whilst we are single. Remember, the Bible has salient words to say on appreciation and patience:
“There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens” Ecclesiastes 3:3

What is it exactly that we should learn, appreciate and celebrate about being single?
Most of us should really look at ourselves and start asking pertinent questions such as, how do I grow from this? How can I enjoy this part of my life? Can I be productive in unique ways whilst being single? When we truly begin to embrace and have fun with our lives whilst single, these four things will start to take place.

1. Self-reflection

Once you start to treasure this freedom with earnest, you will realise that taking time and effort for yourself will unveil what is important to you. You will start to see what you want from life with greater clarity, in turn, revealing what areas in your life you should build upon. For most Christians this is a great opportunity to spend more time in prayer with God and His Word. Ultimately, through this, it will enable you to gain an understanding on how He wants to guide you in your life, including in your love life.

2. New interests/hobbies

When enjoying your time being single, you will naturally have more time to consider and pursue new hobbies and interests. Why not travel the world perhaps? Or aim to start a successful business venture? Instead of endlessly repeating the same dating structure, you can instead freely explore activities that ignite your passion in life.

3. Family and friends

You will learn to enjoy your freedom as a single person; this could very well include reconnecting with family members and friends – Particularly those whom you may have neglected whilst in a long term relationship. You now have the chance to rekindle old bonds that may have faded.

4. Goals and expectations

Above all, this experience will allow you to go on the path of having a better idea about yourself as a person. Enabling you to understand what relationships will truly work for you and not settling for anything other than what’s best for your life. You will be better suited in discovering your ideal match. Your time immersing yourself in being single fosters experimentation, leading to greater observations on what works for you and what doesn’t. This is the basis on forming a healthy and well balanced relationship in the future.

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