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Portia Roberts Dating Agency Membership

We have three special Portia Roberts dating membership packages to help provide exclusive advice, support and opportunities to meet your dream partner. If you are unsure which package is write for you then please do not hesitate to contact Portia Roberts today.



Members Package

• Full access to videos

• Portia Roberts Monthly E-newsletter

• Content and news of matchmaking events

• Registration with Portia Roberts Dating Agency




Members Package

• Open Registration and Agency Introduction Event

(Occurs when registering with agency)

• Personal Dating Consultation

(Telephone or Online Consultation)

• Personal Development Singles Workshop Events

(social single workshop events)

• One 2 One Singles Matchmaking or Group Singles Matchmaking Events

(1-3 Matched Dates in 12 Months)

• Opportunity To Be Contestant On Portia Roberts Youtube Love and Relationship Show

• Portia Roberts E-Magazine

(Monthly E-Magazine)

• Portia Roberts Exclusive Community Charity Event

(events occurring end of year)

£97.00/month for 12 Months

(monthly direct debit)


Members Package

• Personal Date Profiling

(personal date matching profiling carried out by our professional matchmaker)

• Exclusive Personal Development Dating Consultation 

(ongoing personal dating coaching support, guidance consultation on each match before the introduction)

• Exclusive Personal Matchmaking and Meet Ups Events

(personalised one-2-one or group matchmaking dates from matchmaking events, love school training seminars, agency data records)

• Opportunity To Be Contestant On Portia Roberts Love and Relationship Show

• Marriage Support Services

(Couples relationship counselling services for singles and couples including pre-marital training courses on one-2-one basis or group training seminars)

• Love School Training Conferences

(occurring 1-2 times a year)

• Portia Roberts E-Magazine

(Monthly E-Magazine)

• Portia Roberts Exclusive Community Charity Event

(events occurring end of year)

£5,000 for 12 months

(Full Upfront Payment or 2 part-payments)

Please Note: Portia Roberts requires all of its new and existing clients to pay their membership fees either in full payment upfront or monthly through direct debt. All new joining members must read, accept and sign all of the agency’s terms and conditions including the agency’s package payment fees before proceeding forward with providing any of  the agencies dating, relationship and marriage counseling services and Love School training seminars.

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