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This month at Portia Roberts we will be discussing how we, as individuals, can create landmark, memorable moments or special intimate moments with our loved ones – Particularly during our romantic relationships.

There are certain things that make us feel happy. We cherish those memorable moments, holding on to them in our heart as they become tender memories. Much like how you feel good when you achieve something – these are the moments in our life journey that mould us and forever stay with us. The same applies to special moments with our partners. When everything is going well, we tend to capture every moment of our relationships with fondness. Creating many and varied special moments in the process.

When we put all of our best and genuine efforts into a loving relationship we cultivate so many wonderful, irreplaceable moments. They leave a mark on our soul, our hearts and stay with us forever.

But when can we find opportunities to create those landmark moments?

Always remember, aim to exceed your partner’s expectations – From doing the smallest random act of kindness, to continuing to honour your loving traditions that you have built in your relationship. The following events offer a chance to create such opportunities;

  • Birthdays and Anniversaries
  • Date Nights
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Travelling / Holidays Together
  • Moving In/Living Together
  • Proposals and Engagement
  • Wedding Day
  • Pregnancy and Child Birth

In conclusion, always remember that each day that God has given to us is a blessing. It’s open-ended opportunity for you to once again create special moments, memorable events and a continued commitment to love. It’s worth it and it will last forever.

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