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How to create the perfect first date for her

First date

How to create the perfect first date for her

(With the aim to impress her to ensure a second date)


Before we start listing our chosen luxury dates, it is imperative that we advise you to follow the below pointers. It will provide you with a great chance of a successful date.

Tip 1. Do Your Research

It’s hugely important to understand that every woman is different – Different in both personality and character. What may be considered impressive according to one woman may be completely underwhelming to another. This is why it’s integral you do your homework and find out as much information as possible on her tastes. This will lay down a solid base for your date.

Tip 2. Be Genuine, Be A Gentleman (be chivalrous)

Treat her with grace and decorum, starting with the very first moment. Bring her beautiful flowers; be polite by opening doors and pulling out chairs. Treat her with respect, make her feel special and above all have impeccable gentlemanly etiquette.

3. Be Impressive (Woo Her!)

Be impressive with your choice of date environment. For example,

– Helicopter Tour: Why not take a lovely helicopter tour of London with a glass of champagne. This always seems to impress and we recommend you go in the afternoon for gorgeous aerial views of the city.

– Opera Music: If your date enjoys Opera music, whisk her away to the London Opera House. It’s very romantic and will leave you with plenty to discuss afterwards.

– Romantic Dinner Trip To ‘City Of Love’ Paris: Why just be limited to London? Take your date’s hand and run away to Paris, the ‘City of Love’, for a romantic dinner. We recommend visiting the Eiffel Tower. This will not fail to impress and it will become one of your defining romantic experiences.

– Romantic Dinner Cruise: A relaxed, romantic dinner on the beach is a very intimate and personal way of having a date – an atmosphere where you can both really take in the ambience and enjoy each other’s company.

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