Love at First Sight: Does It Really Exist?

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Each month we will discuss different topics on all things love, dating, sex and relationships. The topics that will be addressed are relevant to each and every one of us in some way. These will be themes that are not only ubiquitous in our society, but around the world too.

This month at Portia Roberts we will be examining the concept of ‘Love At First Sight’: Does it really exist? Is it actually possible to harbour such intense feelings towards someone within mere moments? Or is it just a fantasy propagated by fiction? When it comes to the topic of ‘Love At First Sight’ one may think of it as a storytelling trope – one that is found commonly through various Hollywood-produced films, books and music. However, does this experience even exist within our reality?

Anecdotally, from my own personal endeavours, I have not experienced it. I believe I, and others, have routinely experienced ‘Lust At First Sight’ on the other hand.  This is where you’re immediately attracted to a person physically – which could very well lead to dating, and ultimately, love and a relationship.

Perhaps many confuse instantaneous lust with love.  In the past, I have had relationships whereby I wasn’t initially attracted on a physical level; the aforementioned ‘Lust At First Sight’ was not present, However, once I began to build a friendship with this person, the physical attraction blossomed later, which eventually led to love  and a relationship.

In conclusion, when it comes to observing and discussing the idea of ‘Love At First Sight’, especially with a more inclusive view of individual experiences – there is no black and white answer that would apply.  Regardless of whether or not you believe in it or have not had it happen to you – what truly matters is experiencing and finding love within our lives.

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