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Welcome to Portia Roberts, a Christian dating agency in London

Portia Roberts is a prestigious, high-calibre dating and relationship service agency for professional Christian single people and professional Christian married people who work in the city of London.

We educate, train and equip professional Christian single people and professional Christian married people by providing them with an effective dating and relationship approach by taking them through 'the love school' and providing them with more practical and effective dating and relationship services such as: personal dating services; meet-up dating events (such as speed dating events); dating and relationship counselling services, seminars and much more.

At Portia Roberts, our dating and relationship services are unique, more personalised and practical compared to any other London-based dating and relationship services companies. We go one step further to help and assist our clients who are serious about finding a partner and entering into a long-term relationship.

As a client-oriented dating and relationship agency, our aim is to help and support our clients’ aims: to achieve a committed, successful, long-term relationship. We do this by using various practical and effective methods, including the following:

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Personal Dating Consultation

This is where our clients arrange a one-to-one meeting with one of our Client Services Dating Consultants in order to discuss their dating profile, aspirations etc. (such as the type of potential partner they are looking for), and offering help, advice and assistance in practical date planning. Clients have the opportunity to go on 3 dates chosen by themselves from our registration days /audition days or from our meet-up dating events.

Meet-Up Dating Events

We offer a more practical dating service by organising events such as meet-up dating events (speed dating events) every 2 / 3 months in London’s top exclusive venues

The Marriage Clinic

We offer professional relationship and marriage counselling services to both professional Christian single people and professional Christian couples

‘The Love School’

We provide ‘the love school’ training/seminars every 3 months where we look at all types of subjects/issues that both professional Christian single people and professional Christian married people face in relationships today, including: what is the role of men/women in a relationship / marriage; love and communication in relationships /marriage; sex education; how to deal with problems in relationships /marriages; enjoying single life; and much more

Portia Roberts

86-90 Paul St, London, EC2A 4NE

020 3319 5173

07412 852 832


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