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About Portia Roberts Ltd


At Portia Roberts Ltd, our focus is to provide professional Christian single men, professional Christian single women and professional married Christian couples to find, build and sustain strong, fulfilling, healthy relationships. Consequently, it is our vision to educate, train and equip Christian singles and couples with relationship skills, providing them with the knowledge and support during the best, and the most, difficult times in their relationships.

Christian dating in London

As Portia Roberts is a Christian faith-inspired dating agency, we uphold and embrace the Christian teachings relating to marriage as being for love and a vocation for life. We also believe that at the heart of a healthy, well-balanced relationship/marriage, there should be a richness and power – not only for the couple but also for their children, their wider circle of friends and for society. We strongly believe that preventing a couple’s break-down in relationship and maintaining an intact family is fundamentally important to the flourishing of individual men and women, family life and our communities. We believe that supporting Christian single people to find relationships and supporting Christian married couples to maintain them is a matter of social justice and that it has the potential to make a real difference to children’s life chances, to adults’ emotional well-being and to the economic well-being of society.


Our vision and mission statement must first be read, agreed with and signed by all clients using any of our services and by all of our service consultants. If an application is made, clients are deemed to have read and understood the Company’s Business Values and Mission Statement.

1. Portia Roberts Ltd. is a business owned and managed by Christians, who, as part of their faith, and in line with traditional Christian values, have chosen to operate the Company based on Biblical beliefs and in compliance with the laws of England and Wales.

2. Portia Roberts Ltd. provides its dating and relationship services to its targeted niche market (clients), who are professional Christian single men looking for a committed Christian-founded relationship with professional Christian single women and, vice versa, professional Christian single women who are looking for a committed Christian-founded relationship with professional Christian single men. As a first-class dating and relationship services agency, we pride ourselves on providing an exceptional standard of service to our high-calibre professional Christian clients working in the city of London.

3. Our Mission Statement states that:
We believe that the Bible is God’s word -that it teaches us how to live in all areas of our lives, and that it specifically teaches us about relationships. The Bible is unchanging, regardless of changes in society’s understanding of relationships or legal definitions. We believe that the Bible sets out God’s laws relating to the way in which people need to live their lives, and this includes how people need to conduct their relationships. We believe that it is important to uphold these Biblical truths about relationships, and this informs our decisions relating to whom, and how, we provide our services.

4. All potential clients must read the Business Values and the Mission Statement, and raise any queries they may have before applying to join the agency.


At Portia Roberts, we strongly uphold, respect and value relationships. This is why we do not encourage a lifestyle of promiscuity (such as ‘one-night stands’ and ‘sex buddies’) or any other promiscuous activities to take place in order to maintain the company’s good reputation, ethics, beliefs and values. We are only committed to providing dating and relationship services to men and women with true Christian values (love, faith, trust and hope), who are grounded and believe in the same great values that we uphold. Our aim is purely to assist professional Christian men and women who are genuinely single and are looking for a serious, long-term relationship that will hopefully eventually lead to marriage.

Be datewise

At Portia Roberts, we take the personal safety of our clients very seriously. We advise people to take responsibility for their own personal safety when using dating and relationship services. We ask all of our clients to report any signs of strange/inappropriate behaviour encountered with other clients when using our services. With this in mind, we have a precautionary dating guide known as ‘Be Datewise’. When first registering with our agency, all of our clients are required to provide official ID documentation and proof of address (passport, driving licence, utility bill or bank statement). We then ask you to read through our list of precautions and personal safety guide and use them throughout all the stages of the dating/relationship services we provide.


Contact us for help with arranging or planning dates when using any of our dating / relationship services.

Date in public places (from start to finish) (such as restaurants, theatres, cinemas and sports events etc) as opposed to in the home or secluded areas.

If you do not feel comfortable enough meeting a potential date on your own, we recommend that you take a friend and inform your date beforehand. If they are a genuine, good person then they should not have a problem with this.

Always tell a friend, a family member or one of Portia Roberts' dating consultants when going on a date. Keep in regular contact, and try to have somebody nearby you trust.

Do be honest with your date and yourself

Do report abuse

Do tell your friends about our service!


Never agree to meet someone where you can't be reached by a third party

Don't put too much pressure on yourself

Don't drink too much

No promiscuous activities

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Important:Before signing up, please carefully read through our Disclaimers and Terms and Conditions because they protect you and us (the agency). To find out how we use your data click here: Privacy Policy