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How to create the perfect first date for her

First date

How to create the perfect first date for her

(With the aim to impress her to ensure a second date)


Before we start listing our chosen luxury dates, it is imperative that we advise you to follow the below pointers. It will provide you with a great chance of a successful date.

Tip 1. Do Your Research

It’s hugely important to understand that every woman is different – Different in both personality and character. What may be considered impressive according to one woman may be completely underwhelming to another. This is why it’s integral you do your homework and find out as much information as possible on her tastes. This will lay down a solid base for your date.

Tip 2. Be Genuine, Be A Gentleman (be chivalrous)

Treat her with grace and decorum, starting with the very first moment. Bring her beautiful flowers; be polite by opening doors and pulling out chairs. Treat her with respect, make her feel special and above all have impeccable gentlemanly etiquette.

3. Be Impressive (Woo Her!)

Be impressive with your choice of date environment. For example,

– Helicopter Tour: Why not take a lovely helicopter tour of London with a glass of champagne. This always seems to impress and we recommend you go in the afternoon for gorgeous aerial views of the city.

– Opera Music: If your date enjoys Opera music, whisk her away to the London Opera House. It’s very romantic and will leave you with plenty to discuss afterwards.

– Romantic Dinner Trip To ‘City Of Love’ Paris: Why just be limited to London? Take your date’s hand and run away to Paris, the ‘City of Love’, for a romantic dinner. We recommend visiting the Eiffel Tower. This will not fail to impress and it will become one of your defining romantic experiences.

– Romantic Dinner Cruise: A relaxed, romantic dinner on the beach is a very intimate and personal way of having a date – an atmosphere where you can both really take in the ambience and enjoy each other’s company.

Top Marriage Proposal Ideas

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the topic of the month!

This month we are discussing the very exciting and interesting topic of marriage proposals. More specifically, we’ll be looking at what the best marriage proposal ideas could be. Ones that will make your partner say “YES!”.

When it comes to discovering the best proposal ideas or ways to propose to your partner, it always comes down to your partners personal preferences. After all, everyone has their own unique take on the ‘perfect’ marriage proposal. 

Here at Portia Roberts, we’ve come up with a few of the ‘best marriage proposal ideas’ to help you out if you’re in a need of a little inspiration. Creating a uniquely special moment for your significant other is of the utmost importance. So, here are some of our recommendations:

  • Written In The Stars

Want one of the most romantic and heart-stopping outdoor proposal ideas around? Look no further than a written proposal in the sky. Hire a small airplane to write out your message with smoke, or pull a sign behind it with your question.

This dramatic, super-visible and highly romantic way to propose lets the entire world around you know that you want to spend the rest of your life with him/her. Tell your partner you want to spend the day relaxing at the beach. Once there and enjoying your day, casually point up to the sky and ask “What do you think about those sky writers?”. There is no doubt that when she reads the message, the answer will be a resounding “Yes!”.

  • Destination

One of today’s most popular ways to get engaged is the destination proposal. There’s something so magical and romantic about being away together. Alone and carving a little corner of the world only for the both of you – Whether it’s in a cosy cabin a couple of hours away or a tropical island on the other side of the world.

Also, just the very nature of being on a vacation elevates even the simplest of proposals to a spectacular level. Picture it – Just you and the one you love in a place far removed from home, which will soon be one of the most memorable trips of your lives. There’s something so idyllic and fairytale like about proposing on vacation.

The best part is planning the destination proposal as the list of possible locations is essentially endless. Does the one you love have an affinity for Parisian culture? Propose under the Eiffel Tower! Are you an adventurous couple? Hike to the top of a mountain and get down on one knee! There are so many possibilities and though destination proposals take a lot more planning – we promise the look of surprise on her face will definitely be worth itwhen she says “Yes!”.

  • Helicopter

One of the most incredible and more contemporary ways of sweeping the love of your life off their feet… is by literally sweeping them off their feet via proposing on a helicopter ride.

  • Photobooth

You can obtain some fun photobooth props and take her on a photobooth date night. Throughout your photo session, try to capture every fun moment and every little detail. Then, right at the very end, give her a wedding veil prop. As you present her with a wedding ring you’ll be able to capture her reaction to your proposal in pictures.

  • Sing Your Love Song

One of the best ways to express your strong heartfelt feelings is through a love song. Sing them a song. Maybe this could be a song you’ve written yourself, or maybe a song that is very significant to your relationship. If you manage to get a song which you wrote and recorded professionally – even better!

  • Flashback Movie

This tip comes from luxury wedding venue Tredilion Park, and is an incredibly personal and intimate way to woo your partner, by created a short movie compromising of personal pictures and videos. This is sure to elicit fond smiles and nostalgic memories. At the end of the video, walk up to her and pop the big question!

  • Romantic Dinner/Family & Friends

If you choose to immediately share this deeply personal moment with your close family and friends then you’ll be sharing such joy. Your loved ones would never forget witnessing such a special and happy moment. With this, we advise you to propose a toast to get everyone’s attention and then go for the big question.

  • Message In A Bottle

Want to hear yet another one of the most unique proposal ideas around? Then send your proposal to your partner via message in a bottle. Write out your marriage proposal on a piece of paper – be sure to make it look old by crumpling it or burning the edges – roll it up and place it in a bottle.

Then, whilst you’re at the beach, bury it in sand. Be certain to keep it obvious and not too hidden so she’ll be able to find it.  When she is reading it, be ready to break out the ring.

In conclusion, when deciding that it’s time to take that next step in your relationship – the few chosen ideas we have provided are just some of many. What truly matters is choosing the very best way to take your partners breath away, in whatever form that takes.

Until next time!

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Portia Roberts Team


This month at Portia Roberts we will be discussing how we, as individuals, can create landmark, memorable moments or special intimate moments with our loved ones – Particularly during our romantic relationships.

There are certain things that make us feel happy. We cherish those memorable moments, holding on to them in our heart as they become tender memories. Much like how you feel good when you achieve something – these are the moments in our life journey that mould us and forever stay with us. The same applies to special moments with our partners. When everything is going well, we tend to capture every moment of our relationships with fondness. Creating many and varied special moments in the process.

When we put all of our best and genuine efforts into a loving relationship we cultivate so many wonderful, irreplaceable moments. They leave a mark on our soul, our hearts and stay with us forever.

But when can we find opportunities to create those landmark moments?

Always remember, aim to exceed your partner’s expectations – From doing the smallest random act of kindness, to continuing to honour your loving traditions that you have built in your relationship. The following events offer a chance to create such opportunities;

  • Birthdays and Anniversaries
  • Date Nights
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Travelling / Holidays Together
  • Moving In/Living Together
  • Proposals and Engagement
  • Wedding Day
  • Pregnancy and Child Birth

In conclusion, always remember that each day that God has given to us is a blessing. It’s open-ended opportunity for you to once again create special moments, memorable events and a continued commitment to love. It’s worth it and it will last forever.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog. We would love to hear your thoughts on the topic.  As always, connect with us, share, like and comment.

Until next time!

Portia Roberts Team

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